Monday, May 30, 2011

Free Leonard Peltier

Wrongfully convicted in connection with the shooting deaths of two agents of the FBI in 1977, Peltier maintains his innocence. Imprisoned for 35 years—currently at the federal prison in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, Leonard Peltier has been designated a political prisoner by Amnesty International. Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, 55 Members of Congress and others—including a judge who sat as a member of the court in two of Peltier’s appeals—have all called for his immediate release. Widely recognized for his humanitarian works and a six-time Nobel Prize nominee, Peltier also is an accomplished author and painter. This benefit disc features Chairman Fred Hampton Jr Rakaa of Dilated Peoples,  M1 of Dead Prez & DJ Child Immortal Technique ,  Skyzoo, Talib Kweli & Reks, T-K.A.S.H, The Dime ,Arievolution & Iamani I. Ameni, Joe Stuntz  Eseibio ,  Bicasso & DJ Fresh, Mama Wisdom, Deeske. More info at:  Dig it

Monday, May 23, 2011

Snog- Lies Inc (1993)

Today we have this slab of techno-industrial filth from David Thrussell of Black Lung (Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, The Depopulation Bomb) Soma, and The Enemy, and although he's not dead or in prison to the best of my knowledge, there seems to be few other directions for such an example of divergent thought. Who else could set Chomsky to music? Love the Reagan samples, vicious titles...dangerous thoughts. Thanks to [LUS-K] at for the link.  Check out his blog for more subversive entertainment (pass: nova-express)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Rapper X-Raided Stabbed 7 Times In Prison Riot Over Rap Album

A group of inmates affiliated with the gang The Northern Riders were responsible for the attack on the rapper because he refused to produce an album for them.
X-Raided is currently serving 31 years in prison for taking part in a deadly gang related shooting in 1992 that left one woman dead.
He has managed to release at least 13 albums since his incarceration.

*Article C/O   Check out his album "Unforgiven" here