Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bukowski Live At Viking Inn October 12, 1979, Vancouver

The Secret of My Endurance
It's All Good
I Don't Need A Cleopatra
Quick Dream
You Got Drunk
9 Horse
The Beast
The Alien (Aborted)
The Alien
Trumpets For Strumpets
What Creates An Acceptable Writer
The Old Pinch-hitter
The Lady In Red
The Recess Bells Of School

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jęllð Biαfrα- Nð Mðrę Cðcððηʂ (1987)

Message From Our Sponsor
Soundbite - Jaw One / The Prosecutor Speaks
Mild Kingdom
Soundbite - Jaw Two
Vietnam Never Happened
What Reagan Didn't Know
May All Your Dreams Be Wonderful
Soundbite - Jaw Three
Urinalysis Is Freedom
Names For Bands
Talk On Censorship / Letter To Tipper Gore
Why I'm Glad The Space Shuttle Blew Up
Fuck Facts!
Stars & Stripes Of Corruption

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lęðηard Cðhęη ★ Mastęr Pðęms

From “Six Montreal Poets”, 1957
1. For Wilf and His House – Beside the Shepherd – Poem – Lovers – The Sparrows – Warning – Les Vieux – Elegy
From Dunn’s Progressive Jazz Parlour, Montreal, Canada, 8th April 1958
2. Gift
From “Ladies and Gentlemen…Mr Leonard Cohen”, 1965
3. Island Bulletin – Prayer for Messiah – A Kite is a Victim – Passage from “The Favourite Game” (“Here is a movie…”) – Passage from “The Favourite Game” (“The park…”) – Disguises Passage from “The Favourite Game” (“Just beyond the green…”) – Beneath My Hands – Twelve O’Clock Chant – The Genius On Hearing a Name Long Unspoken (fragment) – Three Good Nights (fragment) – Alexander Trocchi, Public Junkie, Priez pour Nous (fragment) – Hydra 1963 (fragment) – The Only Tourist In Havana Turns His Thoughts Homeward – The Music Crept by Us
From the YM-YWHA Hotel, New York, USA, 14th February 1966
4. You All in White – For E.J.P.
5. You Have the Lovers
From “Canadian Poets 1″, 1966
6. What I’m Doing Here – You Have the Lovers – Now of Sleeping – Style – Two Went to Sleep – Nothing Has Been Broken – These Heroics
From WNEW-FM, New York, USA, 28th April 1985
7. In the Eyes of Men
From an unknown TV documentary
8. My Secret Life
From KCRW-FM, Los Angeles, USA, 1993
9. Poem
10. How to Speak Poetry
11. Marita
12. This is My Voice – The Only Poem
13. We Cry Out
From “The United States of Poetry”, 1996
14. Democracy
From the YM-YWHA Hotel, New York, USA, 14th February 1966
15. Reading from “Beautiful Losers”
From an unknown radio program
16. My Top Ten
A collection of various poems; some were done in the middle of
songs and thus are only clips, others are complete readings.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Air with Amiri Baraka-Koln 03 20 1982 (FLAC)

Bad News 
I Love Music 
Against Bourgeois Art
Afro-American Lyric
Class Struggle In Music

Amiri Baraka - recitation 
Henry Threadgill - reeds 
Fred Hopkins - b 
Steve McCall - dr

*thanks to Stephen at for the flacs

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

VA : LTM Minutes (1987)

La Pluie Fait Des Claquettes
Men Of Mercy
Going Out Of My Head/For Your Love
La Toison D'Or
Les Voleurs D'Enfants
Abandoned Artifacts
On The Nova Lark
God And Suffering
Deconstruction & Necessity
PostMarxism & LateCapitolism
Rationality And Irrationality
The Shock Of My New

*Featuring Jacques Derrida, Jean Cocteau, Louis Philippe, Monochrome Set, Richard Jobson & Steven Brown, William S. Burroughs, Winston Tong & Tuxedomoon,

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Άηðy Kαʊfmαη - Άηðy Άηd His Ĝraηðmσŧher

Andy is Making a Record
Andy and His Grandmother
Andy's Land Live
Andy Loves His Tape Recorder
Slice of Life
Andy Goes to the Movies
Kick in the Pants
Andy Can Talk to Animals
I'm Not Capable of Having a Relationship
Andy and His Grandmother Go For a Drive
Sleep Comedy
[HONK!} vs {DOG] A
[HONK!} vs {DOG] B
Andy Goes for a Taxi Ride
Andy's English Friend Paul
I Want Those Tapes