Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ξαrтh Grσσvә: †he Vσicә of Cσsmic Indiα Pαndiт Prαn Nαтh

Earth Groove
Side A: Raga Bhupali
Side B: Raga Asvari

(mississippi records #031)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fight ση, Ψσur Timә αin't ℓσηg

Bukka White –Promised True And Grand
Kid Prince Moore –Sign Of The Judgement
Bessie Johnson –Great Reaping Day
Blind Joe Taggart –The Storm Is Passing Over
Blind Mamie Forehand –Wouldn't Mind Dying
Willie Williams –Where The Sun Never Goes Down
Bo Weavil Jackson –Fight On, Your Time Ain't Long
Mother McCollum –Take My Vacation In Heaven
Edward Clayborn* –Your Enemy Cannot Harm You
McIntosh And Edwards –Take A Stand
Alfred G. Karnes –Bound For The Promised Land
Louise And Joseph –Won't That Be A Happy Time
 mississippi records #026

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'll Mεεt You On Thαt Othεr Shorε

Fred McDowell – What's The Matter Now?
Bookmiller Shannon – The Eighth Of January
Ruby Vass –Old Gospel Ship
Union Choir Of The Church Of God And Saints Of Christ–None But The Righteous
George Spangler & Thornton Old Regular Baptist Congregation – Why Must I Wear This Shroud?
Neal Morris – Sing Anything
Vera Ward Hall* –Black Woman (Wild Ox Moan)
Floyd Batts – Dangerous Blues
Hobart Smith – Railroad Bill
Unidentified Woman* & St. James Church–I'll Meet You On That Other Shore
Charles Barnett – Moses Was A Servant Of The Lord
Spencer Moore & Roy Everett – The Girl I Left Behind
Lucius Smith – Goodbye Honey, You Call That Gone  John Davis &  Georgia Sea Island Singers –Moses, Don't Get Lost