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L Ron Hubbard-The Role of Earth (Tape #5210C30A SOP8A)

The Role of Earth (Tape #5210C30A SOP8A)

Including transcription

Audio transcriptions c/o

L Ron Hubbard Reincarnated

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Aldous Huxley- The Visionary Experience Pt 2 (1962)

Why are some stones precious?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Jim Carroll- Readings at Naropa and Boulder MOCA

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. (July 9, 1999)
8 Fragments for Kurt Cobain
Train Surfing 
Genius is not a generous thing, 
I want the Angel
A day at the races (from Forced Entries)

Naropa July, 1986

A day at the races
The poet and the vibrator
The new ordeal
With Van Gogh
Homage to Gerard Manley Hopkins,
For Elizabeth
Fallen heroes
For my generation
A child growing up with the sun.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Paul Keens-Douglas - Tim Tim (1976)

When Moon Shine
Dark Nite People
Storm Comin'
Tanti At De Oval
String Bank
Sugar George
Papa God

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hęnry Rðlliηs - Hʊmaη Bʊŧŧ

Adventures Of An Asshole
Kicked In The Ass By The Adventure
Smokin' The Filter
Donate Your Bodies To Science

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lydiɑ Lʊηch ‎– Cðnʂpirɑcy ʘf Wðmęn (Pɑŧhðlðgicɑl Ręcðrdʂ 1990)

Come Fall
So Your Heart
Dead River
Three Kings
Done Dun
Still Burning
Fields of Fire
Dead in the Head
Some Velvet Morning

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bern Porter- Found Sounds (1978)

Part 1
Part 2

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Herbert Huncke ‎– From Dream To Dream

The Lights Are Shining On Me
I Try To Tell Things
The Evening Sun Turned Crimson
Listen To Me
On Heroin
New Orleans 1938
On Being A Romantic
The Savior
On Language
On Joan Burroughs (With The Bells Of Brugge)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine (1961)

Ronald Reagan's first venture into political speech no doubt terrified many of his listeners with his conclusion, telling them that if they did not prevent the passage of Medicare, "one of these days you and I are going to spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it once was like in America when men were free."

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Conversations with Big Bill Broonzy, Memphis Slim, and Sonny Boy Williamson (1947)

In 1947 Alan Lomax recorded bluesmen Big Bill Broonzy, Memphis Slim, and Sonny Boy Williamson on a Presto disc recording machine at Decca Studios in New York City after they had given concert at Town Hall. In a session of candid oral history and song, the three artists, Southern born but with established careers in Chicago, explained the origin and nature of the blues. “They began with blues as a record of the problems of love and women in the Delta world,” Lomax wrote. “They explored the cause of this in the stringent poverty of black rural life. They recalled life in the Mississippi work camps, where the penitentiary stood at the end of the road, waiting to receive the rebellious. Finally, they came to the enormities of the lynch system that threatened anyone who defied its rules.” The interviews were issued in a fictionalized form in the magazine Common Ground (1948) under the title “I Got the Blues,” but they were deemed so controversial that their audio release was delayed for ten years. When United Artists finally issued them in 1959 on LP as Blues in the Mississippi Night, Alan used pseudonyms at the artists’ request to shield their identities and protect family members who still lived in the South against possible reprisals — such was the reach of the prohibition against public commentary on Southern racial and labor conditions.


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Brother Theodore-Confessions


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mis.Information:Organized Contradictions (Slow To Speak)

Frida Kahlo –Endurance
Jim Morrison –Money vs. Soul
Will Ferrell –The Shed
Matt Damon – House Musik
Jeff Mills –Music
Unknown Artist –The Decline In Quality Music
Louis Farrakhan –Wealth & Wisdom
Christopher Penrose –We Are Your Friends
Jim Morrison – Starting A Religion
Unknown Artist – Religion & Little Boys
Maya Angelou –My Sin
Michael Moore – Fear
Fred Peterkin –War
Unknown Artist –The Seasons Of Human Nature
Saul Williams – The Pledge
Weather Underground –Rebellion
Basquiat –Living In The Past
Akido  –Awade
Benjamin Smoke –Misplaced Keys
Dogtown  –Pirates
Bush Choir –September 11th
Miles Davis –Love
Unknown Artist –Sadness
Unknown Artist – Out Come The Freaks
Moodymann – Magick
Unknown Artist – Awareness Of The Strange
Joe Coleman – Heroin
Unknown Artist – I'd Swear There Was Someone Here
Unknown Artist – Til The End Of Time
Sun Ra – Bypass Earth
Unknown Artist – Always Forward
Tommy E – I Need To Go Away
Dumbeldore – Happiness
Unknown Artist – Imagination
Unknown Artist – Heroin's Grip
Unknown Artist – All Of Your Wildest Dreams
Unknown Artist – Bushes $ Contributions
Maya Angelou – Black Like Me
Joe Coleman – Fear, Desire
Unknown Artist – White House Officials
Wake & Bake* – 4.20
Dogtown – Valedictorians
Fela* – Gift Of Music
Unknown Artist – Ego
Theo Parrish – Be Yourself
Unknown Artist – You're All A Bunch Of Fuckin' Slaves
Unknown Artist – New Frontiers
Unknown Artist – Work Individuality
Unknown Artist – Don't Think
Sun Ra – His Story
Unknown Artist – The End

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


April 3 1975
Me Nigger
Seventh Heaven
Jeanne d"Arc
Picasso Laughing
A Fragment of Youth
Let's Deodorize the Night
Rimbaud Dead
Born to be Me
Baby's Insurance
Christ Died for Somebody’s Sins
All the Hipsters Go to the Movies
The Uncomplicated Sonnet
Piss Factory

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Voices Of The Angels‎– FRWY 2-26 (1982)

Side I (29:57)
Charles Bukowski –Jam
Miles Ciletti – Five Block Walk
Garth Evans , Lisa Bloom – Brentwood Fever
Dennis Cooper – Hello In There
Velvert Turner – L.A.
Cotton  –Interview With The Outerview Of Whose View
Bobby Issacson – Scene Two Take Four Granted
Pleasant Gehman –Hard To Have
Cole Ynda – Manslaughter
Dennis Duck – Jody F. 29
Danielle Sybil – The Smog Pocket
Dennis Dragon – 25 Years At The Same Spot
Drew Steele – Progress
the Miller Bros. –Dog Shit Bay
Scott Goddard – Gay Boy
Madeline Ridley –The Valley Doesn't Exist Anymore
Ivan E. Roth – Mission Control Calling
Russ Parr – Big Black Car
Dan Phillips, David Scott  –Twisting & Kissing
Walter E. Hurst –Legal Rap
Smith  – Untitled
Wanda Coleman – Where I Live
Side II (29:58)
Marina Swingers, The – Casualfornia
Louie Lista – Albino Watermelon
Dave Alvin – Jayne Mansfield
Tequila Mockingbird – Mac Arthur Park / Punk View
Walter Lacey – Meatrack Man
Tuff Muffin – Beach Rebuttal
Little Girls – Untitled
Monica, Harvey, Cecilia –Demo Tape Hustle A.k.a. Total Blue Book D.b.a. Corned Beef On White, Mayo On The Side, Large Milk
Smith Here – Untitled
Bruce Gary – West San Fernando Valley Kid
Lanny Waggoner – Pico And Figueroa
Toulouse Engelhardt, Jeff Brough –Counter-Attack Action By Space Specialists/Oceania
Kari Krome – Love Butchers
Sally And The Surf Tones – Jump Into A Sea Of Blondes
Gary Stewart  – Mar Vista Man Speaks
Eugene Daniel – Talisman
Leah Komaiko – Watching Jeff Surf At The Beach
Charles Dukowski* – SWA Manifesto (A Work In Progress)
Stella – Stray Pop With The Surf Punks, June 4, 1980
Robert "Frizz" Fuller* – Hills Of Covina
Ned Wreck Featuring Elmer Conovitch – Bad In Bed
Tubesteak Of Malibu – Pier Of Observation
Side III (29:57)
Danny Sugerman –Night Games
Barbara Linkevitch –Devil Moon
Jerry Dreva – L.A. Art Scene
Jane Bond And The Undercover Men – Rodney On The Roq
Diana Waggoner –Calle De Los Virgines
Richard Meltzer –Wednesday Is A Day For Baldies
Jody Taylor Worth Of Blow Up* – We're So Cool (Excerpt)
Bobby Abrams – Sunshine Woman
Thank You  – Untitled
Reese, Nova, Senac – N.E.L.A.
Rosemary Renee Patronette, Margaret Rochlin – Bus Stop Van Nuys Blvd.
Chris D. – Absinth History
Marina Del Rey – Mud
Gustave Ridley –On Rodeo Drive
Harriet Rochlin –In The English Dept.
Mary Lou Ynda – Performance Art
Harvey Kubernik, Doug Moody – Block Booking Studio Time On A Superman Level/No Car Rock
Cheryl Smith – Sure
Blake Xolton – Tantric Boogie
Dave Alvin – National City
Phast Phreddie – Zombies In Chinatown
Side IV (29:57)
Geza X –Another Grand Illusion Shot To Hell
Bill Noland –Kalimba
Smith  –Untitled
Paul Body – Pink And Black
Joanna Spock Dean –No Middle Initial
Dr. Frank Stranges –Excerpt From Phenomenon 7.7
BPeople –Making Petrified Conditions Dance
Ed Smith –Off Hollywood Blvd. 1978/Fantasy World
Gerardo Velázquez, Bill Cline, Edward Stapleton –Aztec Dilema, Embryo & Placenta, Quick View Of A Chemo-Bicameral Subruban Urchin, Falsetto Boy, Abduction
Scott Goddard – Playing Electronic Games In Pacoima With Heavy Pinball Damage
Wanda Coleman – Angel Baby
Shredder  – A Portion Of THe Flipside Magazine Editorial #29
Patrick Joseph Di Puccio – The Forgotten Land
Jill Amanda Martin –90024
Harvey Robert Kubernik – Queen Of Angels Product
Kim Vincent Fowley* – Hollywood Trash

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§ʊη яα Άηd His Άяkәstяα- Thә §ʊb-Ðשә££әrs (Sραɔә PøәtяΨ Vol.2)

The Sub-Dwellers
The Music Is A Universal Language
When The Word Was Spoken
The Past Is A Dream
The World Comes To An End
Pretense Desires
The Universe Is Endless
What Are Words?
There Is Music Everywhere
All Men Are Equal
We Must Not Say No To Ourselves
They Taught Me To Share

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

home alive - the art of self defense

Jello Biafra – Rob Now Pay Later
Shark Chum – W.C.
Fastbacks – Time & Matter
the Gits – Guilt Within Your Head
Green Apple Quick Step – Party Dream
Jim Carroll – Nightclubbing
Monster Truck Driver – Time Is Dead
Nirvana – Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (Live)
Cristien Storm – I'm Sorry
Supersuckers – She's My Bitch
Tribe 8 – Frat Pig
Bobby Miller  – Keep Your Mouth Off My Sisters
Pearl Jam – Leaving Here
7 Year Bitch – Mad Dash
Body Has A Head, The – A Little Restraint
Lydia Lunch – Why We Murder
Los Hornets – Dig It!
Gretta Harley – Digging & Striking
the Posies  – Limitless Expressions
Martha Linehan – Mary's Poem
Jesse Bernstein – It's Just A Little Bit Of Everything (That's Brought Me Down To This)
North American Bison – Broken Dreams
Michael Nichols – Sensitive Guys Don't Go Home Alone
Presidents Of The United States Of America – Confusion
Ann & Nancy Wilson – Momma Why
Exene Cervenka – They Do Everything For Us
VIVA Project, The – My Man
Mia Zapata – Social Love
Natalie Jacobson – Got What Was Coming
Catfood – Bruises
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – Go Home (Seattle Version)
Andrew Horwitz – 4th Of July
Kristen Barry – Joyride
Soundgarden – Kyle Petty (Son Of Richard)
Wendy-O Matik – Theory Of Mutation
Dancing French Liberals Of '48 – Spit In Your Eye
Maria Mabra – So Long
Kristen Kosmas – Untitled
Love Battery – Color Blind
Alcohol Funnycar – Overtaken
Tamara Paris – Scared Of Your Shadow
Portrait Of Poverty – Say So Long
Alison I. Murchie – Another Beer Soaked Night At The Comet Tavern
¡TchKunG! – Solidarity
Christdriver – Clean Eyes

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sound Bites From The Counter Culture

Hunter S. Thompson – Fear And Loathing
Eugene McCarthy –    The Big Three
Bob Guccione Jr. –   We Did It
Dr. Timothy Leary –  Think For Your Self
Abbie Hoffman –     Just Say No
Henry Rollins –     The Virtues Of Black Sabbath
Jello Biafra –     Excerps From Tales From The Trial
Danny Sugerman –     On Jim Morrison
Jim Carroll –     Guitar Voodoo

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Τηε Ĝσℓðәи Pαℓσmiиσs- Ðәαð Iиsiðә (1996)

The Ambitions Are
You Are Never Ready
Metal Eye

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hashisheen: The End of Law (1999)

Pure Luminescence
First Reading (Sussan Deyhim)
The Old Man Of The Mountain (Genesis P-Orridge, Percy Howard)
The Western Lands (Iggy Pop, William S. Burroughs, TECHNO ANIMAL)
The Spilled Cup (Sussan Deyhim)
Marco Polo's Tale (Hakim Bey, Nicky Skopelitis)
Pilgrimage To Cairo (Hakim Bey)
Freya Stark At Alamut (Nicole Blackman, Anton Fier)
Castles (Percy Howard, Anton Fier)
Hashish Poem (Nicole Blackman)
Sinan's Post (Ira Cohen)
Assassinations (Nicole Blackman, Anton Fier)
The Mongols Destroy Alamut (Percy Howard, Paul Schütze)
The Divine Self (Jah Wobble)
Morning High (Patti Smith, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Nicky Skopelitis)
A Quick Trip To Alamut (Iggy Pop, Paul Schütze)
Slogans (Genesis P-Orridge, Helios Creed)
Book Of The Highest Initiation (Genesis P-Orridge, Helios Creed)
The Lord Of The Resurrection (Umar Bin Hassan)
Assassinations 2 (Nicole Blackman, Anton Fier)
Tale Of The Caliph Hakem (Anne Clark , Genesis P-Orridge, EYELESS IN GAZA)
The Assassins (Hakim Bey)
Last Reading (Sussan Deyhim)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Poemfone New Word Order (1996)

Hoyt, Dr Misfit - Poemfone Anthem
John S. Hall - Love Is
Hal Sirowitz - Answers To Questions
Poemfone Caller - Poemphone Message 3:19 PM I Loved It
Foamola Sparrow, Violet Snow, Lawrence Fishberg, Silvia Mae Gorelick - I've Been Reincarnated Too Many Times
Wanda Phipps, Christian X Hunter - Heaven and Earth
John Giorno - Jane Bowles' Pussy
Todd Colby - Unbronzed Fret
Poemfone Caller - Poemfone Message 3:19 PM Squawk Like a Chicken
M Doughty - From a Gas Station Outside Providence
Hal Sirowitz - Peeping
John S. Hall - Give Me A Dollar
Nicole Blackman with Space Needle - Caroline
Kathy Ebel - Poemfone Message 12:33 AM Hard Core
Bob Holman - The Point
Sparrow - A New Service
Amy Larimer, Susannah Keagle - Poemfone Message 7:27 PM It's a Bust
Anne Elliott - Daily Observations
Edwin Torres - Forever Ballad
Pomefone Caller - Pomefone Message 11:23 AM Surprised and Tenderized
Sparrow - Cops With Books
Hal Sirowitz - Finding The Right Spot
Poemfone Caller - Poemfone Message 2:35 AM That Poem Really Got Me Off
John S. Hall - A Good Hard Look
Shannon Ketch, Space Needle - Inside My Head
Nicole Blackman - You Will
Todd Colby - Hippie Shit
Allen Ginsberg - Poemfone Message 1:44 AM Thanks For the Poem
M Doughty - By the Light of the Silvery Silvery
David Greenberg - Fragments of Spilled Milk
John S. Hall - The Love Poem
Poemfone Caller: Poemfone Message 4:20 AM Smoke Another Joint
Anne Elliott - Tracks
M Doughty - Butter-Lost
Todd Colby - But
Poemfone Caller - Poemfone Message 5:25 PM Pissed Off Woman
Foamola - John Quincy Adams
M Doughty - The Blonde Valerie
Hal Sirowitz - Timing
Shannon Ketch - Notebook
Allen Ginsberg - Poemfone Message 11:28 PM Syllables from East 12th Street

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Τηε miηd σf Ĝiℓ Scσtt Hәяση

Tell it
H2O Gate Blues
We Beg Your Pardon (Pardon our Analysis)
The New Deal
Jose Campos Torres
The Ghetto Code (Dot Dot Dit Dit Dot Dot Dash)
Bicentennial Blues

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Richard Jobson ‎– 16 Years Of Alcohol

Les Disques Du Crépuscule ‎– TWI 807

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Neighborhood Rhythms (Patter Traffic) (Freeway Records, FRWY 213, 1984)

Henry Rollins   We Are The Parents Of L.A.   
Chuck Dukowski Black Book Excerpt
Mike Watt Push-cart
Chuck Dukowski Black Book Excerpt II
D. Boon Themselves
Chuck Dukowski Black Book Excerpt
Charles Bukowski I Don't Need A Cleopatra
Michael C. Ford Ammunition (Dedicated To Henry Rollins)
Henry Rollins My House
Chuck Dukowski / Joe Nolte Run Intro
Chuck Dukowski Temple Of The Sun (A Work In Process)
Henry Rollins Crucified
Jack Brewer Elysian Feilds
Gerald Lockin Roger Hotspur
Michael Steele El Pollo Loco
Phast Phreddie Something Cool
Jack Shelly Walking Though Gardena With A Can Full Of Shit
Dennis Cooper Alternative Dennis
Glen Mont We Dont Talk We Touch (An Instrumental)
Exene Cervenka Perfection
Bob Flanagan Fuck Sonnet
Amy Gerstler Solace
Michael C. Ford Venice West
John Harris (5) The Gospel According To John
David Brian Wolfe Culver City Retrospect
Gustave Ridley Toxic People
Linda Albertano A Static
Bill Bently Marina Del Dennis
Lisa Freeman Dear Drew
Skip Engblom X-24-47
Lisa Derrick     Hate Bed
Eddie Call      Old School L.A.
Mick Daugherty I Blew It Out With Words Instead Of Bullets
Jane Bond & The Undercovermen Stuff We're Not Supposed To Know
Gary Stewart Musical Blinders
Ivan E. Roth When They Nuke L.A.
Jack Hampton Cinco De Mayo
Ivan E. Roth Dressing Room Poem (For Andy Corwin)
Marilyn Mitchell You Never Knew Me
Denny Bruce Hits
Garth & Donna Haircut Of The 80's
James Moreland Count Down Town
Dennis Dragon An Episode From The Dennis And Harvey Tapes
Daryl Dragon Titanic (An Excerpt)
Tuff Muffin The Interview
How Dog Probably The Truth
David Hackett What The Fuck, It's Only Life
Andrew Pryciak Moorsh On Ave.
Drew Steele Don't Worry We Won't Blow It
Scott Goddard First Concert
Rosemarie Rene Patronette / Scott Goddard Trips
Scott Goddard Current Occupation
Bruce Gary Ping Pong: Live Drum Solo
Nancy Gottesman, Rex Gottesman Wilbur Ave.
Nancy La Perch Valley Rock Guide
Jeffrey Lee Pierce My Dreams
Bill Englot Hamburgers
Jeffrey Lee Pierce Tribute To Miles Davis
Bill Englot Rock Video
Madeline Ridley Car Hell
David Trinidad Tim's Stolen Sweater
Alexx Gordon Cut The Bird
Luis Campos C.I.A.
John Trubee And The Ugly Janitors Oceanic Neon Turnpike
Tequila Mockingbird On The Way To Be Bop Records In Reseda
Brad Laner Arm The Students!
Bob Sherman Genesee Scene
Olivia Barash Honeywagons
Lee Lurie James Brown After Mindblow
Michael C. Ford The Canticle Is Out Of Tune
Miles Ciletti Hollywood High Used To Be A School
Nancy Lopez Dreams Of Lust
Randall Kennedy Product
Susan Beef Sweet Sixteen
Kid Congo Australian Tour Journal
Louis Lista Hollywood And Highland Crosswalk
Walter Lacey Meatrack Men (An Introduction)
Kim Fowley Garden Of Allah
Rich La Bonte Vid Music
Kim Fowley Tribal Drums Are Beating
Rodney Bingenheimer Are There Any Girls Here?
Thea Other Walt Disney Died In Vain
Velvert Turner L.A.
Chris D. Heat From The Sun
Dan Borris/Lance Loud/J Scales What My Neighbors Think Of Me
Harry E. Northup Listening To Savoy Brown At The Santa Monica Civic (For Paul Blackburn)
Sid Griffin Thought Talk
Anna S. Boys Vs. Men
Robert Marchese Ode To Joe
Paul Body Circut Rider (Dedicated To Preacher Harry Powell And Dr. Gene Scott)
Danny Sugerman Still Alive, Still Lucky To Be Young
Michael C. Ford Belles
Susan Gardner / Henry Rollins A Modern Dialogue
Shredder James Brown For President
Susan Gardner / Henry Rollins A Modern Dialogue (Continued)
Benjamin Weissmam Folk Tales: An Index Of Horrors #19
Susan Gardner / Henry Rollins A Modern Dialogue (Conclusion)
Therese Covarrubias Malathion Spraying In East L.A.
John Doe Jean Harlow
Wanda Coleman Silly Bitches Institute
Dick Whitney My Neighborhood
John Trudell  Tribal Voices Featuring John Trudell
Michael C. Ford Courtesy Of Crenshaw Village
Michelle T. Clinton – Good People Know How To Grease
Ed Smith Bobby Bankston
Dave Alvin Prayer

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

English As a Second Language (Freeway Records ‎– E 1031)

Dave Drive, Axxel G. Reese – Crudo For The Menudo
Ralph Flores – Aztec Haiku
Charles Bukowski – What Have I Seen
Miles Ciletti – Friends
Wanda Coleman – They Came Knocking On My Door At 7 A.M. Chuck Dukowski – SWA Manifesto
Mike Watt – My Life Up To This Minute
John Doe  – That Day Comes When
Jeffrey Lee Pierce –Blacks
Clayton Clark – Visions Of Muhammad Ali
Scott Goddard –Nikita Krushchev
Harry Northup – I Kneel Before Santa Monica
Luis Campos – Fruit Cocktail
Dennis Cooper –Seven Poets Chosen By John Ashberry (Dedicated To Tim Dlugos)
Dave Alvin – I Don't Sweat
Jane Bond & The  Undercovermen –Heartbeats In Westwood
Phast Phreddie – Lady Bird (Dedicated To Sam)
Madeline Ridley –Monitoring Madeline For Two Decades And Other Stories
Thea Other – Growing Up On San Diego Freeway
Lee Bertram Lurie –Track Hound And Tax Dog
Tito Larriva – Touch For Cash
Pooch, Al, Pete –Famous Last Words
Gary Stewart – Mar Vista Man Grows Up
Alisa Alvarez – She Didn't Even Pay This Month's Rent
Dave Alvin – Old White Woman On Vermont
Richard Meltzer –Goodbye Pork Pie Cravat
Kim Rosenfield – Four Selections From The Book 'Some Of Us'
David Roback – Dinnertime Blues
Walter Lacey – Rock And Roll Dream
Exene Cervenka – Percy Mayfield
Eddie Call – Gimme A Break
Dennis Cooper – A Selection From The Prose Piece A Herd
Michael C. Ford– Autograph
Jack Hampton – Unfurl The Black Flag John Haag
Henry Rollins – Henry
Ivan E. Roth – Beach Party Post
Nancy Lopez – Virginia Ave.
Therese Covarrubias –East Side Story
Steve Wynn – Here On Earth As Well
Bill Inglot – The Retirement Of Badge 714/Favorite Group/Problem
Shredder  – Battleship To Heaven
Craig Leon, Wanda Coleman, Ivan E. Roth –Poets On Planet Sushi
avid James – After The Revolution
Jackson Del Rey –On The Prowl
Deborah Patino – The Mountain
Age Of Consent – Fight Back Rap
Exene Cervenka – Evangelical Hootenanny Alligator Fortune Teller
Chuck Dukowski – Laughing Sam's Dice Rolled Thirty Six Times
Joe Nolte – Falling Out
Michael C. Ford –Highway Retrospect
Austin Straus – Death Camp
Michelle T. Clinton –High Blood Pressure
Chris D. – All I Have
Chris Morris – R.T.D. Boogie
Electric Guitar – Harlan Hollander
Tuff Muffin – It Isn't Very Romanuic, Is It?
Chuck Dukowski And Henry Rollins –D.S.Y
Tequila Mockingbird –I Felt So Poor That I Typed In Lower Case
Garth & Donna – How Do You Know We're Acting?
Linda Albertano – Sabotage
Velvert Turner –L.A. (A Reminder)
Wyline – Wyline Speaks Out
Kim Fowley – Pagans Of West L.A. #2 / Return To The Planet Of The Apes
The Odyssey Girls –Monday At The Odyssey
Dennis Dragon – Excerpt From The Harvey And Dennis Tapes
The Marina Swingers Featuring Frank – U.S.C. Fight Song
Rich La Bonte –Visions Of Jack
Margy Rochlin, Rosemarie Renee Patronette –Know Your Rights
John Trubee – Spiritual Insight
Vitus Mataré – Duet For Flute And Feedback
Rodney Bingenheimer –Are There Any Girls Here?
John Doe – Hearts
Celia Pierce –Funky Poet In The Palisades, Infection
Randall Kennedy In Reconstruction –Enorma Jones
No Peter – Dollars For Genes
Shredder, Miles Ciletti – Cahuenga Blvd., Flea Bite
Ivan E. Roth – Pico Robertson Insomnia
Scott Goddard – Marshall Unit
Don Bolles – Critique Of Modern Poetry
Ali Ben Anton Kline – Haerig - Buro - Gumsho
Harvey Robert Kubernik's Neighborhood Rhythm Method – 39th And Crenshaw

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Etheridge Knight-So My Soul Can Sing

Watershed Tapes, February 25, 1986

Introduction by Gwendolyn Brooks
He Paid Me Seven
Wild Negro Bill
Hard Rock Returns to Prison from the Hospital for Crimminal Insane
He Sees Through Stone
The Idea of Ancestry
A WASP Woman Visits a Black Junkie in Prison
"Beyond this green field"
For Freckie-Faced Gerald
The Warden Said to Me the Other Day
Rehabilitation and Treatment in the Prisons of America
Belly Song
"Frozen Lakes"
Yellow moon rise
Two Hours I've Walked
"Sigh, cry, broken hearted woman"
"Say Mister"
Circling the Daughter
The Sun Came
To the Man Who Sidled Up to Me and Asked, "How Long You in Fer, Buddy?"
On the Yard
To Make a Poem in Prison
My Life, the Quality of Which
For Eric Dolphy
A Poem for Myself (or Blues for a Mississippi Black Boy)
A Poem of Attrition
A Poem for Black Relocation Centers
A Poem for a Certain Lady on Her 33rd Birthday
The Stretching of the Belly
Upon Your Leaving
Feeling Fucked Up
Welcome Back, Mr. Knight, Love of My Life
From the Moment (or Right/at/- The Time)
For Black Poets Who Think of Suicide
A Watts Mother Mourns while Boiling Beans
For Malcolm, a Year After
On the Birth of a Baby / Black / Boy (For Isaac Blackburn Knight)
Birthday Poem
Another Poem for Me, after Recovering from an OD
For Mary Ellen McAnally
Portrait of Mary
I and Your Eyes
Green Grass and Yellow Ballons

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jim Cαяяσll-ρrαyiηg Mαηtis (1991)

Fragment:Little N.Y.Ode
A Day At The Races
Times Square's Cage
A Child Growing Up With The Sum
Tiny Tortures
To The National Endowment Of The Arts
Terrorist Trousers
Monologue: The Loss Of American Innocence
For Elizabeth
Sampling Nietzsche
Just Visiting
Praying Mantis

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ogden Nash Reads Ogden Nash 1953

Big ups to our newest benefactor Jim at for providing this wonderful vinyl rip.

Kind Of An Ode To Duty
Portrait Of The Artist As A Prematurely Old Man
Good-Bye, Old Year, You Oaf, Or Why Don't They Pay The Bonus Geddondillo
Watchman, What Of The First Lady?
Song For A Temperature Of A Hundred And One
Medusa And The Mot Juste
A Beginner's Guide To The Ocean
The Terrible People
I Don't Mean Us, Except Occasionally
That Reminds Me
The Evening Out
Don't Grin, Or You'll Have To Bear It
I Remember Yule
Spring Song
Bankers Are Just Like Anybody Else. Except Richer
I Do, I Will, I Have
How Do You Say Ha-Ha in French?
What To Do Until The Doctor Goes, Or It's Tomorrow Than You Think
The Polterguest, My Polterguest
Piano Tuner, Untune Me That Piano
Thoughts Thought After A Bridge Party
Mr Bett's Mind A Kingdom Is
Allow Me, Madam, But It Won't Help
You And Me And P.B. Shelley
The Strange Case Of Mr. Ormantude's Bride
How To Be Married Without A Spouse, Or Mr. Kipling, What Have You Done With Mrs. Hauksbee? Spring Comes To Murray Hill

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Williαm S. βʊrroʊghs - Jʊnky

Paging Dr Benway

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

135 Grand Street New York 1979

Soundtrack to the film by the same name.
Theoretical Girls – Glazened Eyes
UT – Sharp's Loose
A Band – Sand And Sea
A Band – Mirror, Mirror
Rhys Chatham – Guitar Trio
Chinese Puzzle – Great Wall Of Prague
The Static – The Spectacular Commodity (Excerpt)
Morales –Gay Girl In A Gay Bar
Youth In Asia –Talking Heads (pt. 1)
Youth In Asia – Amnesia
Steve Piccolo – Superior Genese
Chinese Puzzle – Chinese Funk
Jill Kroesen – Fay Shism Blues
Steve Piccolo – It's Hard To Be In Love In Times Like These
The Static – My Relationship
Theoretical Girls – Contrary Motion