Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Poemfone New Word Order (1996)

Hoyt, Dr Misfit - Poemfone Anthem
John S. Hall - Love Is
Hal Sirowitz - Answers To Questions
Poemfone Caller - Poemphone Message 3:19 PM I Loved It
Foamola Sparrow, Violet Snow, Lawrence Fishberg, Silvia Mae Gorelick - I've Been Reincarnated Too Many Times
Wanda Phipps, Christian X Hunter - Heaven and Earth
John Giorno - Jane Bowles' Pussy
Todd Colby - Unbronzed Fret
Poemfone Caller - Poemfone Message 3:19 PM Squawk Like a Chicken
M Doughty - From a Gas Station Outside Providence
Hal Sirowitz - Peeping
John S. Hall - Give Me A Dollar
Nicole Blackman with Space Needle - Caroline
Kathy Ebel - Poemfone Message 12:33 AM Hard Core
Bob Holman - The Point
Sparrow - A New Service
Amy Larimer, Susannah Keagle - Poemfone Message 7:27 PM It's a Bust
Anne Elliott - Daily Observations
Edwin Torres - Forever Ballad
Pomefone Caller - Pomefone Message 11:23 AM Surprised and Tenderized
Sparrow - Cops With Books
Hal Sirowitz - Finding The Right Spot
Poemfone Caller - Poemfone Message 2:35 AM That Poem Really Got Me Off
John S. Hall - A Good Hard Look
Shannon Ketch, Space Needle - Inside My Head
Nicole Blackman - You Will
Todd Colby - Hippie Shit
Allen Ginsberg - Poemfone Message 1:44 AM Thanks For the Poem
M Doughty - By the Light of the Silvery Silvery
David Greenberg - Fragments of Spilled Milk
John S. Hall - The Love Poem
Poemfone Caller: Poemfone Message 4:20 AM Smoke Another Joint
Anne Elliott - Tracks
M Doughty - Butter-Lost
Todd Colby - But
Poemfone Caller - Poemfone Message 5:25 PM Pissed Off Woman
Foamola - John Quincy Adams
M Doughty - The Blonde Valerie
Hal Sirowitz - Timing
Shannon Ketch - Notebook
Allen Ginsberg - Poemfone Message 11:28 PM Syllables from East 12th Street

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