Wednesday, July 3, 2013

English As a Second Language (Freeway Records ‎– E 1031)

Dave Drive, Axxel G. Reese – Crudo For The Menudo
Ralph Flores – Aztec Haiku
Charles Bukowski – What Have I Seen
Miles Ciletti – Friends
Wanda Coleman – They Came Knocking On My Door At 7 A.M. Chuck Dukowski – SWA Manifesto
Mike Watt – My Life Up To This Minute
John Doe  – That Day Comes When
Jeffrey Lee Pierce –Blacks
Clayton Clark – Visions Of Muhammad Ali
Scott Goddard –Nikita Krushchev
Harry Northup – I Kneel Before Santa Monica
Luis Campos – Fruit Cocktail
Dennis Cooper –Seven Poets Chosen By John Ashberry (Dedicated To Tim Dlugos)
Dave Alvin – I Don't Sweat
Jane Bond & The  Undercovermen –Heartbeats In Westwood
Phast Phreddie – Lady Bird (Dedicated To Sam)
Madeline Ridley –Monitoring Madeline For Two Decades And Other Stories
Thea Other – Growing Up On San Diego Freeway
Lee Bertram Lurie –Track Hound And Tax Dog
Tito Larriva – Touch For Cash
Pooch, Al, Pete –Famous Last Words
Gary Stewart – Mar Vista Man Grows Up
Alisa Alvarez – She Didn't Even Pay This Month's Rent
Dave Alvin – Old White Woman On Vermont
Richard Meltzer –Goodbye Pork Pie Cravat
Kim Rosenfield – Four Selections From The Book 'Some Of Us'
David Roback – Dinnertime Blues
Walter Lacey – Rock And Roll Dream
Exene Cervenka – Percy Mayfield
Eddie Call – Gimme A Break
Dennis Cooper – A Selection From The Prose Piece A Herd
Michael C. Ford– Autograph
Jack Hampton – Unfurl The Black Flag John Haag
Henry Rollins – Henry
Ivan E. Roth – Beach Party Post
Nancy Lopez – Virginia Ave.
Therese Covarrubias –East Side Story
Steve Wynn – Here On Earth As Well
Bill Inglot – The Retirement Of Badge 714/Favorite Group/Problem
Shredder  – Battleship To Heaven
Craig Leon, Wanda Coleman, Ivan E. Roth –Poets On Planet Sushi
avid James – After The Revolution
Jackson Del Rey –On The Prowl
Deborah Patino – The Mountain
Age Of Consent – Fight Back Rap
Exene Cervenka – Evangelical Hootenanny Alligator Fortune Teller
Chuck Dukowski – Laughing Sam's Dice Rolled Thirty Six Times
Joe Nolte – Falling Out
Michael C. Ford –Highway Retrospect
Austin Straus – Death Camp
Michelle T. Clinton –High Blood Pressure
Chris D. – All I Have
Chris Morris – R.T.D. Boogie
Electric Guitar – Harlan Hollander
Tuff Muffin – It Isn't Very Romanuic, Is It?
Chuck Dukowski And Henry Rollins –D.S.Y
Tequila Mockingbird –I Felt So Poor That I Typed In Lower Case
Garth & Donna – How Do You Know We're Acting?
Linda Albertano – Sabotage
Velvert Turner –L.A. (A Reminder)
Wyline – Wyline Speaks Out
Kim Fowley – Pagans Of West L.A. #2 / Return To The Planet Of The Apes
The Odyssey Girls –Monday At The Odyssey
Dennis Dragon – Excerpt From The Harvey And Dennis Tapes
The Marina Swingers Featuring Frank – U.S.C. Fight Song
Rich La Bonte –Visions Of Jack
Margy Rochlin, Rosemarie Renee Patronette –Know Your Rights
John Trubee – Spiritual Insight
Vitus Mataré – Duet For Flute And Feedback
Rodney Bingenheimer –Are There Any Girls Here?
John Doe – Hearts
Celia Pierce –Funky Poet In The Palisades, Infection
Randall Kennedy In Reconstruction –Enorma Jones
No Peter – Dollars For Genes
Shredder, Miles Ciletti – Cahuenga Blvd., Flea Bite
Ivan E. Roth – Pico Robertson Insomnia
Scott Goddard – Marshall Unit
Don Bolles – Critique Of Modern Poetry
Ali Ben Anton Kline – Haerig - Buro - Gumsho
Harvey Robert Kubernik's Neighborhood Rhythm Method – 39th And Crenshaw