Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Friz Be - Hmm (Piglet Records, Sweden 1981)

Super scarce vinyl rip from this obscure Swedish minimal-wave joint

A1 I Throw Punches...
A2 This Is The New Age
A3 Now Is The Time
A4 Brosk Conversation
A5 This Is Time
A6 Half Brain Naked
B1 Lufituaeb Eb Ot
B2 Elegant But Very Fast
B3 Here We Go
B4 Flower In Your Hair
B5 Flying
B6 Hommage Au Muzak

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Durutti Column - Vini Reilly LP: UK 1988 (Factory FACT 244)

Love No More
Pol In G
Opera I
People's Pleasure Park
Red Square
Finding The Sea
William B
They Work Every Day
Opera II
Homage To Catalonia
Requiem Again
My Country
Paradise Passage Road        [from MASO 90024]
Les Preger's Tune                [from MASO 90037]
Buddhist Prayer *                
Misere *
Real Drums -- Real Drummer *
Pathway *
Rob Gray's Elegy *
Shirt No. 7 *

*from SporeCD1

Initial copies packaged with FAC[D] 244+

Some copies of FACT 244 have a lock-groove toward the end of
"My Country"; this was apparently an intended artifact.

"Homage To Catalonia" is the title of George Orwell's account of
fighting against Fascism in the Spanish Civil War

Friday, April 13, 2012

Spotlight on Bodegapop

Chillin' over at the bodega and couldn't believe this 24 song mix of hip-hop artists from brazil, cambodia, greece, hong kong, mexico, nigeria, taiwan, thailand, turkey, vietnam and zimbabwe

"Phnom Penh Hip Hop" by The Khmer Rap Boyz (Cambodia)
 "Haiti" by Elza Soares (Brazil)
"Eat Around" by Missile Scoot Girl (Japan)
"Γουστάρει Η Παλαβή" by Εισβολέας (Greece)
"DK Anthem" by Divided Kingdom Republic (Zimbabwe)
...and many more!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Can - Agilok and Blubbo (1968) Collected Singles

I was here and came across this lovely collection of early CAN 7" singles lovingly ripped, tagged, and posted by Ankh. Here's what you get:

Agilok & blubbo/Kamera song (1968)
Kama Sutra Null/Nightingale (1968)
Soul desert/She brings the rain (1969)
Spoon/Shikako Maru Ten (1971)
Turtles have short legs/Halleluwah (1971)
Hunters and collectors/Vernal equinox (1975)