Wednesday, September 25, 2013


April 3 1975
Me Nigger
Seventh Heaven
Jeanne d"Arc
Picasso Laughing
A Fragment of Youth
Let's Deodorize the Night
Rimbaud Dead
Born to be Me
Baby's Insurance
Christ Died for Somebody’s Sins
All the Hipsters Go to the Movies
The Uncomplicated Sonnet
Piss Factory

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Voices Of The Angels‎– FRWY 2-26 (1982)

Side I (29:57)
Charles Bukowski –Jam
Miles Ciletti – Five Block Walk
Garth Evans , Lisa Bloom – Brentwood Fever
Dennis Cooper – Hello In There
Velvert Turner – L.A.
Cotton  –Interview With The Outerview Of Whose View
Bobby Issacson – Scene Two Take Four Granted
Pleasant Gehman –Hard To Have
Cole Ynda – Manslaughter
Dennis Duck – Jody F. 29
Danielle Sybil – The Smog Pocket
Dennis Dragon – 25 Years At The Same Spot
Drew Steele – Progress
the Miller Bros. –Dog Shit Bay
Scott Goddard – Gay Boy
Madeline Ridley –The Valley Doesn't Exist Anymore
Ivan E. Roth – Mission Control Calling
Russ Parr – Big Black Car
Dan Phillips, David Scott  –Twisting & Kissing
Walter E. Hurst –Legal Rap
Smith  – Untitled
Wanda Coleman – Where I Live
Side II (29:58)
Marina Swingers, The – Casualfornia
Louie Lista – Albino Watermelon
Dave Alvin – Jayne Mansfield
Tequila Mockingbird – Mac Arthur Park / Punk View
Walter Lacey – Meatrack Man
Tuff Muffin – Beach Rebuttal
Little Girls – Untitled
Monica, Harvey, Cecilia –Demo Tape Hustle A.k.a. Total Blue Book D.b.a. Corned Beef On White, Mayo On The Side, Large Milk
Smith Here – Untitled
Bruce Gary – West San Fernando Valley Kid
Lanny Waggoner – Pico And Figueroa
Toulouse Engelhardt, Jeff Brough –Counter-Attack Action By Space Specialists/Oceania
Kari Krome – Love Butchers
Sally And The Surf Tones – Jump Into A Sea Of Blondes
Gary Stewart  – Mar Vista Man Speaks
Eugene Daniel – Talisman
Leah Komaiko – Watching Jeff Surf At The Beach
Charles Dukowski* – SWA Manifesto (A Work In Progress)
Stella – Stray Pop With The Surf Punks, June 4, 1980
Robert "Frizz" Fuller* – Hills Of Covina
Ned Wreck Featuring Elmer Conovitch – Bad In Bed
Tubesteak Of Malibu – Pier Of Observation
Side III (29:57)
Danny Sugerman –Night Games
Barbara Linkevitch –Devil Moon
Jerry Dreva – L.A. Art Scene
Jane Bond And The Undercover Men – Rodney On The Roq
Diana Waggoner –Calle De Los Virgines
Richard Meltzer –Wednesday Is A Day For Baldies
Jody Taylor Worth Of Blow Up* – We're So Cool (Excerpt)
Bobby Abrams – Sunshine Woman
Thank You  – Untitled
Reese, Nova, Senac – N.E.L.A.
Rosemary Renee Patronette, Margaret Rochlin – Bus Stop Van Nuys Blvd.
Chris D. – Absinth History
Marina Del Rey – Mud
Gustave Ridley –On Rodeo Drive
Harriet Rochlin –In The English Dept.
Mary Lou Ynda – Performance Art
Harvey Kubernik, Doug Moody – Block Booking Studio Time On A Superman Level/No Car Rock
Cheryl Smith – Sure
Blake Xolton – Tantric Boogie
Dave Alvin – National City
Phast Phreddie – Zombies In Chinatown
Side IV (29:57)
Geza X –Another Grand Illusion Shot To Hell
Bill Noland –Kalimba
Smith  –Untitled
Paul Body – Pink And Black
Joanna Spock Dean –No Middle Initial
Dr. Frank Stranges –Excerpt From Phenomenon 7.7
BPeople –Making Petrified Conditions Dance
Ed Smith –Off Hollywood Blvd. 1978/Fantasy World
Gerardo Velázquez, Bill Cline, Edward Stapleton –Aztec Dilema, Embryo & Placenta, Quick View Of A Chemo-Bicameral Subruban Urchin, Falsetto Boy, Abduction
Scott Goddard – Playing Electronic Games In Pacoima With Heavy Pinball Damage
Wanda Coleman – Angel Baby
Shredder  – A Portion Of THe Flipside Magazine Editorial #29
Patrick Joseph Di Puccio – The Forgotten Land
Jill Amanda Martin –90024
Harvey Robert Kubernik – Queen Of Angels Product
Kim Vincent Fowley* – Hollywood Trash

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

§ʊη яα Άηd His Άяkәstяα- Thә §ʊb-Ðשә££әrs (Sραɔә PøәtяΨ Vol.2)

The Sub-Dwellers
The Music Is A Universal Language
When The Word Was Spoken
The Past Is A Dream
The World Comes To An End
Pretense Desires
The Universe Is Endless
What Are Words?
There Is Music Everywhere
All Men Are Equal
We Must Not Say No To Ourselves
They Taught Me To Share

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

home alive - the art of self defense

Jello Biafra – Rob Now Pay Later
Shark Chum – W.C.
Fastbacks – Time & Matter
the Gits – Guilt Within Your Head
Green Apple Quick Step – Party Dream
Jim Carroll – Nightclubbing
Monster Truck Driver – Time Is Dead
Nirvana – Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (Live)
Cristien Storm – I'm Sorry
Supersuckers – She's My Bitch
Tribe 8 – Frat Pig
Bobby Miller  – Keep Your Mouth Off My Sisters
Pearl Jam – Leaving Here
7 Year Bitch – Mad Dash
Body Has A Head, The – A Little Restraint
Lydia Lunch – Why We Murder
Los Hornets – Dig It!
Gretta Harley – Digging & Striking
the Posies  – Limitless Expressions
Martha Linehan – Mary's Poem
Jesse Bernstein – It's Just A Little Bit Of Everything (That's Brought Me Down To This)
North American Bison – Broken Dreams
Michael Nichols – Sensitive Guys Don't Go Home Alone
Presidents Of The United States Of America – Confusion
Ann & Nancy Wilson – Momma Why
Exene Cervenka – They Do Everything For Us
VIVA Project, The – My Man
Mia Zapata – Social Love
Natalie Jacobson – Got What Was Coming
Catfood – Bruises
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – Go Home (Seattle Version)
Andrew Horwitz – 4th Of July
Kristen Barry – Joyride
Soundgarden – Kyle Petty (Son Of Richard)
Wendy-O Matik – Theory Of Mutation
Dancing French Liberals Of '48 – Spit In Your Eye
Maria Mabra – So Long
Kristen Kosmas – Untitled
Love Battery – Color Blind
Alcohol Funnycar – Overtaken
Tamara Paris – Scared Of Your Shadow
Portrait Of Poverty – Say So Long
Alison I. Murchie – Another Beer Soaked Night At The Comet Tavern
¡TchKunG! – Solidarity
Christdriver – Clean Eyes

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