Thursday, December 22, 2011

New York Noise volume 2

“We’ll squeeze you empty…and then we’ll fill you with ourselves”

Pulsallama –Ungawa Pt.2
Mofungo –Hunter Gatherer
Red Transistor –Not Bite
Vortex Original Soundtrack –Black Box Disco
Certain General –Back Downtown
Sonic Youth –I Dreamed I Dream
Rhys Chatham –Drastic Classicism
Clandestine With Ned Sublette –Radio Rhythm (Dub)
Glorious Strangers –Move It Time
Felix (2) –Tiger Stripes
Del-Byzanteens, The With Jim Jarmusch –My Hands Are Yellow (From The Job That I Do)
Don King –Tanajura
Jill Kroesen –I Am Not Seeing That You Are Here
UT –Sham Shack
Static, The –My Relationship
Y Pants –Favorite Sweater