Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beat Jazz - Pictures From The Gone World Vol.2

Buddy Collette –Jungle Pipe
Kenyon Hopkins –Let Me Out
Amus Moore –The Hip Men
Wardell Gray –5 Star
Young Tiger –Calypso Be
Babs Gonzales – Lullaby Of The Doomed
Muhamed Habeebalah –Sneaking
Ernie Andrews – Green Gin
Oscar Moore –Kenya
Early Zell –Aunt Woo-Wa
Katie Lee –Sick Sounds
Johnny Lewis Trio, The + Millie (4) – Snake Hips
Bing Day –Mama's Place
Maxwell H. Brock –Bucket Of Blood
Joya Sherril* – Desdemona's Lament
Mel Henke –Shock Treatment