Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ogden Nash Reads Ogden Nash 1953

Big ups to our newest benefactor Jim at for providing this wonderful vinyl rip.

Kind Of An Ode To Duty
Portrait Of The Artist As A Prematurely Old Man
Good-Bye, Old Year, You Oaf, Or Why Don't They Pay The Bonus Geddondillo
Watchman, What Of The First Lady?
Song For A Temperature Of A Hundred And One
Medusa And The Mot Juste
A Beginner's Guide To The Ocean
The Terrible People
I Don't Mean Us, Except Occasionally
That Reminds Me
The Evening Out
Don't Grin, Or You'll Have To Bear It
I Remember Yule
Spring Song
Bankers Are Just Like Anybody Else. Except Richer
I Do, I Will, I Have
How Do You Say Ha-Ha in French?
What To Do Until The Doctor Goes, Or It's Tomorrow Than You Think
The Polterguest, My Polterguest
Piano Tuner, Untune Me That Piano
Thoughts Thought After A Bridge Party
Mr Bett's Mind A Kingdom Is
Allow Me, Madam, But It Won't Help
You And Me And P.B. Shelley
The Strange Case Of Mr. Ormantude's Bride
How To Be Married Without A Spouse, Or Mr. Kipling, What Have You Done With Mrs. Hauksbee? Spring Comes To Murray Hill